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Things you should know about Arabic make-up

Simple and natural makeup has been popular with ladies all around the world for the past few years.

But it appears that Arab women are taking the initiative this winter and selecting their preferred beauty fads for the season and the coming year. Arab women are known to enjoy wearing makeup, and they don’t mind doing so a little more than other women from other cultures.

The best Arab makeup artists will demonstrate the top makeup trends we have noticed. You can get the newest beauty trends for this season right here, ranging from fun eye makeup inspired by the 1960s to playful lips inspired by the 1990s.

Warm colors

This winter, it’s all about enhancing your lovely skin tone with warm hues. Many Arab women adore earthy tones and hues. Bassam Fattouh, a Lebanese makeup artist, created this gorgeous look. Click here to view more makeup styles that are inspired by fall and this look!

Bright Eyes

There are a lot of striking eye makeup trends that remind us of the 1960s with their quirky neon eyeliners and shadows. Check out this colorful and lively makeup look created by Dani Kamel, a cosmetic artist from Lebanon.

Strong Lips

Arab women love bold lips, and this winter it’s all about natural eye makeup and bright lips. Use this makeup look from Layaly Makeup as inspiration.

1990s Lips

This season, we saw them on several celebrities, including Beyonce and Kim Kardashian, who was wearing visible lip liner in brownish tones, a 1990s trend.

We adore this beautiful style created by Bouba, a Lebanese artist. Click here to view more makeup looks by Bouba!

Playful eyeliner

Younger Arab women are extremely into interesting eyeliner shapes and colors, but classic eyeliner will never go out of style. We love this distinctive look created by Saudi beauty artist Nora Bo Awadh. More Nora Bo Awadh makeup looks may be found here.

What ingredients go into making a captivating Arabic makeup look? Generally speaking, Arabic makeup is one of the most difficult makeover techniques, which is why many women choose not to even attempt it. A delicate Arabic look can also be used for evening parties and casual night outs, in addition to bridal makeovers. Applying beautiful and flawless Arabic makeup doesn’t require any advanced skills.

There are many tutorials available online to give you the best ideas about Arabic makeup. It gives you an enhanced look and also attracts the attention of everyone around you.

Kevin Mulleady On Why Having a Start-Up Mentality Can Help You Run Any Business Better  

Startups are innovative, exciting, and constantly adapting. Startups focus on getting the product to their customers quickly. They are also nimble. A startup mentality isn’t just for startup businesses, however. According to Kevin Mulleady, entrepreneur and CEO of Altru Sciences LLC, executives with a startup mentality can run their established businesses better.

Characteristics of a Startup Mentality

A startup mentality has several characteristics: leanness, agility, creativity, and an appetite for change, risk, and disruption. The startup mentality also uses a three-step process, known as a feedback loop, says Mulleady. The feedback loop allows startups to create new products, learn from their feedback, and launch better products.

The three steps in the feedback loop are build, measure, and learn. The company builds a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) based on certain assumptions. It then launches the product and measures whether the assumptions behind the product’s creation were valid. The company learns from its measurements and then uses that knowledge to create a new product or modify the old one, says Mulleady.

How to Think Like a Startup in an Established Business

Established businesses can become more innovative and sustainable through adopting a startup mindset, says Kevin Mulleady.

Companies can encourage a startup mentality in several ways, he says. One way is by changing the corporate culture to make it more agile. Changing the culture involves everything from altering the organizational chart to allow for cross-department teams to changing the accounting methods to measure engagement rather than sales. It also closely examines processes to eliminate unnecessary steps in bringing the product to market.

Another way to encourage a startup mentality is by creating innovation labs. Companies invest a significant portion of their resources into these innovation labs.

Startup Thinking Has Many Benefits

A startup mentality has several benefits for companies of all sizes. These benefits include better quality products or services, improved customer loyalty, decreased financial risk, increased business longevity, and increased business value, Kevin Mulleady says.

For example, the feedback loop is a critical concept in agile businesses. Agile businesses are resilient and can use disruptions as an opportunity to realign priorities or restructure. Mulleady says they can also get products on the market more quickly, enabling them to gain market share quickly.

The feedback loop requires excellent customer interaction and forces the established business to have these interactions. These interactions lead to an exceptional customer experience. A positive customer experience is a key to any company’s ability to build loyalty and retain customers, Mulleady says.

The startup’s concept of operating lean helps any business become more efficient in managing its resources. Processes improve, and the bottom line improves. Operating lean can also sharpen the company’s focus, Mulleady says.

Startup Thinking Has Some Challenges

However, established businesses face challenges that startups don’t when trying to implement changes. Many already have an established bureaucracy. Companies may have to implement a startup mentality in one or two departments first, then use that success to implement it further. They also need to think strategically about how to become more agile. For example, creating an innovation lab will do little good unless procurement processes are also streamlined, Kevin says.

Established companies tend to fear failure more than startups do. Sometimes this fear stems from having a lot of stakeholders and outside investors. However, failure is part of the feedback loop. If the company is too fearful of failure, it will be unable to gain the benefits of implementing a startup mentality, Kevin Mulleady says.

However, established companies must also be aware of taking the startup mentality too far. While the company wants to manage resources carefully, it doesn’t want to be cheap. Instead, the company wants to focus its resources on the most critical aspects of the service or product.

Despite the struggles, however, returning to a startup mindset can help move an established business out of a rut, engage customers, improve products, and sustain the company over the long term, he says.