The Current Exchange Rate of 1 Bitcoin in Naira

The present exchange price of 1 Bitcoin in Naira is topic to frequent modifications because of the risky nature of cryptocurrency markets. However, on the time of writing this article, 1 Bitcoin is worth approximately X amount of Naira.

It is important to note that Bitcoin, being a decentralized digital currency, operates independently of any central bank or government. This signifies that its value is solely determined by the provision and demand dynamics within the cryptocurrency market.

To get an accurate and up-to-date exchange rate for 1 Bitcoin in Naira, one can refer to numerous cryptocurrency exchanges and financial web sites that show real-time charges. These platforms present trade rates based on the prevailing market conditions, buying and selling volumes, and liquidity.

Given the fluctuating nature of cryptocurrency prices, it is suggested to check a quantity of reliable sources to get a more complete understanding of the current change price. Additionally, remember that totally different exchanges may offer barely different rates because of variations of their trading platforms and liquidity levels.

Factors Influencing the Exchange Rate

Several elements contribute to determining the change price of Bitcoin in Naira:

  1. Market Demand: The demand for Bitcoin can significantly impact its exchange rate. If there is high demand from individuals and businesses wanting to acquire Bitcoin in Nigeria, the price may increase.
  2. Liquidity: The availability of Bitcoin to be bought or sold in the market affects its exchange rate. Higher liquidity often leads to tighter spreads and more stable prices.
  3. Regulatory Environment: Changes in regulatory policies related to cryptocurrencies within Nigeria can also influence the exchange rate.
  4. Global Market Trends: Bitcoin is a global asset, and its buy monero instantly exchange rate can be influenced by international market trends and events.
  5. Bitcoin Halving: Bitcoin operates on a fixed supply schedule, with block rewards halving approximately every four years. This event can impact the exchange rate due to changes in the supply and demand dynamics of Bitcoin.

It is important to stay informed about these factors and regularly monitor the cryptocurrency buy cryptocurrency markets to have a better understanding of the current exchange rate of 1 Bitcoin in Naira.


The change price of 1 Bitcoin in Naira fluctuates because of numerous components, together with market demand, liquidity, regulatory setting, world market trends, and particular events inside the cryptocurrency ecosystem. To get an correct and up-to-date trade price, it is suggested to discuss with reliable cryptocurrency exchanges and monetary web sites.

Remember that cryptocurrency markets are highly volatile, and prices can change rapidly. Therefore, it’s essential to exercise caution and perform thorough research earlier than making any financial choices involving Bitcoin or another cryptocurrencies.

3 Things You Can Learn About Marketing From An Older Mentor

Having a mentor can be a great way to help you grow your career. However, many people envision having a mentor that works at the same company as them or went to the same institution as they did. But the fact of the matter is that you can learn a lot from people who worked in your industry, especially in areas like marketing, decades ago. So if you’re looking for this type of mentor, someone who can take time away from their life in their senior living community to share some of their pearls of wisdom with you, here are three of the biggest things that you can learn about marketing from an older mentor. 

Learn From Their Experience

There are a lot of things about marketing that haven’t changed much in the last few decades, especially when it comes to reaching people and connecting with them over products or services. So if you can find someone who’s spent years and years of their life perfecting this part of marketing, learning from their experience could be a great opportunity for you. 

Their history in marketing likely has allowed them to learn all about people and what makes them tick. So if you haven’t had much experience learning from people as individuals and as a collective, taking some of this knowledge from an older marketer can serve you very well. 

Learn About Building Relationships

When you work in marketing, not only do you need to learn how to build relationships with the people that you’re targeting with your marketing, but you also need to learn how to work with people within your company that will be adding assets to your marketing strategies. If you’re able to effectively work well with these people, your marketing campaigns may prove to be much more effective. 

Many modern workers don’t realize how vital it is to build relationships with others within their market. So if you can learn this lesson from an older marketer and see just how important this was to them in their career, it may help you to see why you should be focusing a lot more of your attention on relationship building

Learn How To See From Different Perspectives

For most people, it can be hard to see outside of their own perspective. This is one of the great things about having a mentor, especially one from an older generation. It will allow you to learn something about your field of work from someone who’s been around the block a time or two and who has a similar interest as you while also coming from a completely different background. With this knowledge, you could become a much better marketer and be able to come at marketing campaigns with all kinds of different perspectives that will help you to better connect with people. 

If you know someone who’s older and has worked in marketing for years, consider asking them to be your professional mentor and see just how much you can learn from them. 

3 Tips To Help You With Memorization

If you’re struggling to remember certain things, there could be a lot of different reasons for this. As you age, it’s normal to have issues with memory. And for many older adults who struggle with memory, living in a memory care facility can be beneficial. But if you’re still young enough that you should be able to keep things lodged in your memory, especially for things like tests or work processes, there are things that you can do to make this easier on yourself.

To help you see how this can be done, here are three tips to help you with memorization. 

Group Information In Meaningful Ways

When you have something that you’re wanting to remember or needing to memorize, one of the best ways to begin this process is to start grouping the information. When you group new information in ways that are meaningful to you, you can use neural pathways that are already created as a way to simplify this new learning. 

One way that this can be done is through abbreviations or acronyms. When you’re able to take the first letter of something you’re trying to remember and then group those letters into a single word that you can remember, it will suddenly make it much easier for you to remember each individual item through remembering them as a whole. This can work the same way with numbers, too, if you’re able to group them in ways that become easier for you to remember. 

Embrace Repetition

Without repetition, you can’t hope to be able to remember anything. It’s only through continuously trying to remember something and repeating that thing over and over to yourself that you’ll be able to create those neural pathways in the first place. 

A big mistake that you can make with repetition is trying to repeat too many things to yourself in one sitting. As a general rule, try not to move onto other repetitive memorizations until you feel very confident in the first thing that you were trying to memorize. Otherwise, your memory could get overloaded and lose everything you’ve worked to remember. 

Use Songs And Rhythms

Think back to songs or jingles that you remember from when you were a kid. While you may not have heard them in years or decades, the songs and rhythms that were associated with them make them super easy to remember. This can be applied to anything that you’re trying to memorize. 

To best do this, try to think of a song or tune that you’re familiar with and can easily swap out the current words for the ones you’re trying to remember. When done correctly, you can really fast-track your memory in this way. 

If you’re needing some help with memorizing something, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you see how this can be done more effectively.

Things you should know about Arabic make-up

Simple and natural makeup has been popular with ladies all around the world for the past few years.

But it appears that Arab women are taking the initiative this winter and selecting their preferred beauty fads for the season and the coming year. Arab women are known to enjoy wearing makeup, and they don’t mind doing so a little more than other women from other cultures.

The best Arab makeup artists will demonstrate the top makeup trends we have noticed. You can get the newest beauty trends for this season right here, ranging from fun eye makeup inspired by the 1960s to playful lips inspired by the 1990s.

Warm colors

This winter, it’s all about enhancing your lovely skin tone with warm hues. Many Arab women adore earthy tones and hues. Bassam Fattouh, a Lebanese makeup artist, created this gorgeous look. Click here to view more makeup styles that are inspired by fall and this look!

Bright Eyes

There are a lot of striking eye makeup trends that remind us of the 1960s with their quirky neon eyeliners and shadows. Check out this colorful and lively makeup look created by Dani Kamel, a cosmetic artist from Lebanon.

Strong Lips

Arab women love bold lips, and this winter it’s all about natural eye makeup and bright lips. Use this makeup look from Layaly Makeup as inspiration.

1990s Lips

This season, we saw them on several celebrities, including Beyonce and Kim Kardashian, who was wearing visible lip liner in brownish tones, a 1990s trend.

We adore this beautiful style created by Bouba, a Lebanese artist. Click here to view more makeup looks by Bouba!

Playful eyeliner

Younger Arab women are extremely into interesting eyeliner shapes and colors, but classic eyeliner will never go out of style. We love this distinctive look created by Saudi beauty artist Nora Bo Awadh. More Nora Bo Awadh makeup looks may be found here.

What ingredients go into making a captivating Arabic makeup look? Generally speaking, Arabic makeup is one of the most difficult makeover techniques, which is why many women choose not to even attempt it. A delicate Arabic look can also be used for evening parties and casual night outs, in addition to bridal makeovers. Applying beautiful and flawless Arabic makeup doesn’t require any advanced skills.

There are many tutorials available online to give you the best ideas about Arabic makeup. It gives you an enhanced look and also attracts the attention of everyone around you.

Kevin Mulleady On Why Having a Start-Up Mentality Can Help You Run Any Business Better  

Startups are innovative, exciting, and constantly adapting. Startups focus on getting the product to their customers quickly. They are also nimble. A startup mentality isn’t just for startup businesses, however. According to Kevin Mulleady, entrepreneur and CEO of Altru Sciences LLC, executives with a startup mentality can run their established businesses better.

Characteristics of a Startup Mentality

A startup mentality has several characteristics: leanness, agility, creativity, and an appetite for change, risk, and disruption. The startup mentality also uses a three-step process, known as a feedback loop, says Mulleady. The feedback loop allows startups to create new products, learn from their feedback, and launch better products.

The three steps in the feedback loop are build, measure, and learn. The company builds a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) based on certain assumptions. It then launches the product and measures whether the assumptions behind the product’s creation were valid. The company learns from its measurements and then uses that knowledge to create a new product or modify the old one, says Mulleady.

How to Think Like a Startup in an Established Business

Established businesses can become more innovative and sustainable through adopting a startup mindset, says Kevin Mulleady.

Companies can encourage a startup mentality in several ways, he says. One way is by changing the corporate culture to make it more agile. Changing the culture involves everything from altering the organizational chart to allow for cross-department teams to changing the accounting methods to measure engagement rather than sales. It also closely examines processes to eliminate unnecessary steps in bringing the product to market.

Another way to encourage a startup mentality is by creating innovation labs. Companies invest a significant portion of their resources into these innovation labs.

Startup Thinking Has Many Benefits

A startup mentality has several benefits for companies of all sizes. These benefits include better quality products or services, improved customer loyalty, decreased financial risk, increased business longevity, and increased business value, Kevin Mulleady says.

For example, the feedback loop is a critical concept in agile businesses. Agile businesses are resilient and can use disruptions as an opportunity to realign priorities or restructure. Mulleady says they can also get products on the market more quickly, enabling them to gain market share quickly.

The feedback loop requires excellent customer interaction and forces the established business to have these interactions. These interactions lead to an exceptional customer experience. A positive customer experience is a key to any company’s ability to build loyalty and retain customers, Mulleady says.

The startup’s concept of operating lean helps any business become more efficient in managing its resources. Processes improve, and the bottom line improves. Operating lean can also sharpen the company’s focus, Mulleady says.

Startup Thinking Has Some Challenges

However, established businesses face challenges that startups don’t when trying to implement changes. Many already have an established bureaucracy. Companies may have to implement a startup mentality in one or two departments first, then use that success to implement it further. They also need to think strategically about how to become more agile. For example, creating an innovation lab will do little good unless procurement processes are also streamlined, Kevin says.

Established companies tend to fear failure more than startups do. Sometimes this fear stems from having a lot of stakeholders and outside investors. However, failure is part of the feedback loop. If the company is too fearful of failure, it will be unable to gain the benefits of implementing a startup mentality, Kevin Mulleady says.

However, established companies must also be aware of taking the startup mentality too far. While the company wants to manage resources carefully, it doesn’t want to be cheap. Instead, the company wants to focus its resources on the most critical aspects of the service or product.

Despite the struggles, however, returning to a startup mindset can help move an established business out of a rut, engage customers, improve products, and sustain the company over the long term, he says.

A Simple guide to buying silver in Brisbane

It is said that silver is money for masters and debts are for slaves and gold is for kings. There are several rules you can follow if you want to invest in precious metals. These rules are not set in stone. They can break. The following is a guide you can use to keep yourself on track when silver goes up and you are not sure if you should buy silver bullion Brisbane or not. 

# 1. Always take physical delivery

If you buy silver gold, you get it yourself. As a silver buyer, make sure you actually get a physical supply of your metals. To unlock the true potential of any investment such as silver you must physically buy it. Paper silver ETFs are operated by the very banks that are often accused of market manipulation. You want to avoid a scenario where you are beholden to the whims of the banking system.

#2: Don’t overpay with silver

Remember that silver and gold may be substitutable and sold based on the weight of the pure metal. The old silver bars you inherited from your grandfather might be scratched and dusty but they have about the same value as any silver bar once it’s melted and refined. You should try to pay a close look at the silver spot price. Collecting unique silver is an art – but never an investment. There are many expensive mistakes in the unique coin collection that beginners can make, so to be safe stick to the usual 1-inch government coins, such as the Silver American Eagles and Silver Maple Leafs, clearly marked with .999 fineness.  Avoid commemorative coins, decorative items, and other collectibles, all of which have large premiums and limited retail markets.

# 3: Start small, simple

Too many investors who choose to expand the metal part of their portfolio are buying large amounts of physical silver at the same time – and in bad forms. A good strategy for a novice is to set aside as much money as they can afford each month and buy the same amount each month; For example, buy 3 or 4 silver American silver eagle coins instead of 500 coins all in one go. 

#4: Be careful of seasonal buyers 

Recent highs in the silver price range have brought new investors to the silver market and portrayed central bank fiat currency in a negative light. Banks don’t like this and might try to counter by flooding the market with silver shorts to bring the price back to a new high. The markets always self-correct so instead of jumping in, it’s better to wait it out before you buy silver bullion Brisbane. 

#5: Learn how to avoid counterfeit silver

Historically, this has not been easy with silver for many counterfeits, because its low price compared to gold means that it is not worth the time and effort. This has changed because of the rising price of silver. In recent times we have seen a rise in counterfeit silver coins and bars with a growing number of online sellers trying to deceive buyers into believing they have a solid good deals. Buyers should be trained before purchasing to make sure the seller is trustworthy and the product matches the advertisement.

#6: Little information can mean a lot of money

You need to be constantly educated about important things like money, government, free markets, and how it all relates to and affects our daily lives. You need to learn more before you buy silver bullion Brisbane so that you can better prepare for what is to come.  Use online resources to find the best prices for your investment. Consider reading some books on the history of silver and its role in society and politics. Study booms and crashes and how silver in both scenarios. Find out how everything goes from currency failure, devaluation, and currency strength. As a silver investor, you are a commodity investor. You need to study how the commodity markets work and how it relates to currency fluctuations and general market conditions. Knowledge is golden, and the more you have, the better prepared you will be to make sound decisions.

5 Tips For Marketing To Seniors 

The advertising world has changed a considerable amount since the way it was 50 years ago. For this reason, effectively marketing to people over the age of 60 requires specific tactics. After all, for any marketing method to be effective, you have to appeal to someone’s values, and interests. 

It goes without saying that senior citizens aren’t going to have the same response to an advertisement as someone between the ages of 20 and 30.  Therefore, to help you appeal to your older target market, here are some of the best tips to keep in mind.

Use Relatable Language

It’s important that you choose your words carefully when trying to appeal to the older generation. The same buzzwords and slang of today’s younger generation aren’t going to make any sense to two people from the baby boomer era—the same goes for your content. 

While a funny meme may be quite effective for someone under the age of 30, it’s probably not going to strike the same way for someone older. Use relatable and easy-to-understand language that doesn’t leave them scratching their heads about what it is you’re trying to say.

Encourage Loyalty

One of the best ways to inspire brand loyalty is to encourage it. Give your older customers a reason to continue shopping with you. Whether you give out loyalty rewards, or you offer a discount after a certain amount of purchases, provide your customers with an incentive for choosing you over the competition.

Highlight How You Can Improve Their Life

Don’t just expect your older prospects to take your word for it. Show them why you’re the best choice for your service or product, and sell them on how useful you are. Highlight how your brand can improve their lives, and solve their pain points. The more you can appeal to the specific kinds of issues they’re hoping to solve, the more likely you will be to win them over.

Always Add a Call to Action

Regardless of whether you’re marketing to seniors or teenagers, you should always include a call to action in your marketing materials. The idea is to encourage your customers to take additional steps after coming across your advertisement. Whether you ask them to sign up for your newsletter or visit your online store, the idea is to prompt them to make their next move. Don’t just expect them to take action— encourage them to do so.

Personalize it 

Nowadays marketing software allows you to personalize your marketing materials in a way that makes your potential customers feel like you’re speaking directly to them. Statistics show that if you send an email that includes the first name of your potential customer they are significantly more likely to open the message. 

If you can add a sprinkle of personalization to all of your marketing materials, then you’ll significantly improve your chances of your marketing efforts paying off.

Top 5 Financial Tips for New Business Owners  

Starting your own business has got to be one of the bravest things you can do. Not only do you need a brilliant idea and strategy to make it work, but you also need funding to keep it running.

Once you do set it up, however, you’ll feel like you’re on top of the world. The next thing to ask then is: how do you stay there? In order to stay in business, you need to make sure your operation is on point. That, and that you’re handling its finances well.

 Here are 5 financial tips from Arkhat Zhumadilov that can help you and your new business:

 Create a Financial Plan 

Having a financial plan helps you better navigate the ins and outs of budgeting and spending that the company needs in order to keep running. Setting a budget–with some room for flexibility–can help you anticipate the needs of the company, as well as ensure that you have enough to cover all the basic costs of operation. It also allows you to project into the future and prepare for whatever expansion or diversification you might have in mind.

Set Up AutoPay for Bills 

You’re a busy entrepreneur, sure, we get that. Sometimes, things just get so hectic, that a thing or two falls through the cracks. And that’s fine, whatever that is. As long as it’s not your bill payment says Arkhat Zhumadilov of Spring, The Woodlands, and Montgomery County in Texas..

You wouldn’t want to experience any disruptions because your bills were left unpaid, especially if the service provided directly impacts your business operations. That’s why you need to set this up in autopay.

Review and Analyze Financial Data

Knowing the ins and outs of your business finances is crucial to keeping it healthy. Arkhat G. Zhumadilov says staying on top of it can be tedious, though, which is why it’s advisable for you to hire a professional that you can trust and rely on completely.

With regular analysis of financial data, you can immediately see where and how the cash flow is going. Any irregularities or questionable activities can then also be addressed as soon as possible. Having eyes on your financial data allows you not only to be reactive but also be preemptive.

Don’t Be Afraid of Loans

Loans are good for business, especially if you need extra help to improve operations or expand the business explains Arkhat Zhumadilov. While it can be intimidating, it doesn’t have to be scary. As long as you stay on top of payments (set it up on autopay!), having loans in your portfolio can even show potential investors that you do know how to handle your finances well, and so can be trusted with theirs.

Protect Personal Finances

It’s one of the most common horror stories entrepreneurs have: they lose their business money and their personal money. Ideally, you should keep them separate from each other. Any loans taken out for the business should be paid for using business funds. Liabilities should also be kept to the business as well.

Arkhat G. Zhumadilov advises considering setting up your business as a limited liability company (LLC) or an S corporation. These types of business set-ups protect the individual owners from any liabilities the company may incur later, in case things go sideways in the business. Without this layer of protection, personal assets and finances can be exhausted in order to answer for the business’ obligations.

Follow these simple financial tips so you can run your business more efficiently and successfully. Good luck!

How to buy the best olive oil?

It can be difficult to pick an olive oil from a shelf full of bottles with widely varying prices. Here are a few quick tips to buy the best olive oil available in the market:

Read the label

Extra-virgin olive oil is the only kind you should buy. This does not mean the oil will be of the highest quality, but it does mean it will not be among the lowest quality. A bottle of “Olive Oil” or “Light Olive Oil” labelled simply “Olive Oil” is a refined oil and, like vegetable oil, they are not very intriguing.

Check the packaging.

The harvest and “use by” dates can be deciphered even if they’re written in Italian, French, or Spanish. The best olive oil producers are delighted to display the harvest date on their bottles. The use-by date can be a little misleading because it is normally 18 months from the time of bottling, rather than from the time of harvesting.

Pick dark colored bottles

In order to preserve olive oil, it is essential to use dark glass or other light-blocking materials. Most rancidity in olive oil results from prolonged exposure to ultraviolet radiation. Choose from a variety of packaging options when purchasing your extra virgin olive oil. The only way to sell clear glass is in a box or foil.


You should be able to smell and taste fresh, ripe or green olives in the bottle of extra virgin olive oil. Stale flavours (crayons, rotten nuts) and fermentation should not be found in the final product. It’s important to note that bitterness in fresh green olives is a natural taste and can enhance the flavour of some foods, such as hearty bean soups or tomato sauces.

Manufacturing date

When it comes to EVOO, it doesn’t get better with time. When it comes to olive oil, the fresher it is, the better it is. The fruitiness of fresh oil might be overshadowed by unexpectedly strong flavours of bitterness and pungency. Gourmets and health-conscious consumers alike like these complex flavours, which are a sign of good quality and a source of beneficial polyphenols.


It’s all about checking that label if you want to gain the full benefits of EVOO (and bottle). Even while it may take a little longer to discover the perfect bottle of wine, once you do it is well worth the time and effort.

Ways to measure the impact of leadership development.

Much has been penned about the significance of measuring the impact of leadership development programs or systems. Over the years everyone is looking for practical, meaningful, and effective metrics. Here’s what got settled on for now, and although no one is completely satisfied with any single measure, a combination of these should give you a pretty good dashboard.

Bernard Brozek is a perfect example that can show you the impact of leadership development.

1. Company performance.

The greatest measure, nothing else counts. In most cases, uniform great company performance can usually be featured as great leadership. And of course, terrible leadership is usually the root cause of business defeats.

2. The external perception of leadership.

Outer perception can be measured by awards, such as CEO Magazine “Best Companies for Leaders” and hundreds of individual leadership honors(CEO of the Year, CIO of the year, CFO of the Year, etc) also shows impact.

3. Internal perception of leadership.

Internal perception can be estimated in two ways. First, if you’re using 360 leadership examinations, you can sustain an aggregate score of a single “overall effectiveness” query, or run a report that aggregates the average score for all queries. Second, you can pull queries out of your annual employee survey about leadership and look for year-over-year progress. You can also analogize your leaders to other companies if you’re using queries provided by a third-party vendor, such as Gallop or the Leadership Practices Inventory.

4. Succession planning measures.

Keep a record of the number of key positions filled by internal candidates or the number of “ready now” nominees for each key position (bench strength).

5. Individual Development Plan (IDP) progress or fulfillment.

Track the fulfillment of development activity for key leaders and succession nominee pools.

6. Leadership development training actions.

Use the basic Kirkpatrick measures, satisfaction, knowledge, behavior modification, and business outcomes. Easier said than done for the last one, but it works in some circumstances. For instance, you would expect a decrease in turnover and progress in sales after the implementation of a prosperous sales manager hiring or coaching program.

7. Finally, the most manageable measure and perhaps the one that has the biggest impact on your funding and career possibilities: ask your key stakeholders. Regular meetings with your top leaders and other key stakeholders will ensure you’re struggles are hitting the mark. These meetings are a great way to constantly assess current and future needs, communicate your achievements, and check for satisfaction.